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So, I understand that Mike Leigh has a new film coming out. It sounds kind of good even though it looks like it’s about old people. That’s cool, I’m kind of old now too. But really, reading about it just made me miss Poppy from Happy Go Lucky.

I’m going to assume you know all about the movie itself as well as the fantastic Sally Hawkins so we can just cut to the chase: the clothes. How? Why? Why not? It’s like someone gave a four year old some jello shots and a gift card to Forever 21 and if you haven’t made up your mind yet about whether or not that’s a good thing, here’s a visual:

This movie is kind of inspiring if you are feeling pitiful and I’d say that inspiration is 10% plot and 90% outfits. How can you be sad when someone pulled together an orange tank and teal skirt with purple lace tights? You just can’t. So what you are looking at on the left is a typical “going out look” for Poppy, but if you think she tones it down for work, think again.

Feast your eyes:

In the movie, Sally is often pestered about her lack of direction, discipline or any kind of love life, but unlike me, she doesn’t get down about it, probably because she’s wearing jelly shoes and what looks like a macaroni necklace. This girl is high on H&M and I approve mightily. Apparently I’m not alone. 

I could find more examples but I think it’s more important for me to get the word out to anthropologie that I have got their number.

poppy learns flamenco at dance class

we learn how to be $278 poorer at anthropologie


poppy teaches us that the world is a big place

anthropologie teaches us that the world is an expensive place


poppy phones up anthropologie with an urgent message: acid wash never goes out of style

... and someone took the call

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