we are walking works of art

Last night I rode headfirst into the wind chasing down a UPS truck whilst gunshot rained around me in order to bring this Valentine home. It was an epic adventure, and one that was sadly & ultimately frustrating. After about an hour of cyclo-drama I headed home, resigned to being a day late and dollar short with my contribution to household romance. After all, nothing ruins Valentine’s Day more than a dead girlfriend. I did try to call the dispatcher one more time from the alley behind my house, and in the course of explaining to her that

a) this was not just some JCrew sweater, no maam, this was a personally commissioned, hand made valentine coming all the way from Detroit, and

b) despite our Detroit connections we don’t have a car to drive to the UPS “hub” in Landover as she’d suggested, and

c) we’ve had a really really hard winter including Gamma Knife brain surgery, and

d) that I’d made a monumental and some might say unholy effort to chase the truck through a terrible windstorm and possibly gang violence to try to make this thing happen,

and so I guess to get me to stop crying and whining she said”I’ll see what I can do.”

I had zero hope at this point but figured we’d have fun cracking lobster shells anyway at home, and we did, but lo and behold in the middle of dinner there was a knock on the door,
and a man was holding this:

a custom papercut c/o stacey malasky

It was so thrilling, I handed him one of the pretty roses Eric left in my bike while I was at work:

All is well that ends well, but this was not the only nice surprise of the day. Two exciting things came in the regular mail, Loretta Lynn tickets, and also my brother sent me a couple of CDs one of which included the following song:

Which is now the official soundtrack of the papercut. Now I have to go get my hair frosted, I’m asking Erin at Trim for “the Blanche Devereaux.” Good night!

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One Response to we are walking works of art

  1. JLC says:

    I followed the link from my sister in law which links to you which links to her. Our families, as always, are metalinked. We have excellent taste 🙂 Glad to hear via my mom and the blog that you and Eric are doing well!

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