tonight’s menu


Health with a side of boredom. I cooked two salmon filets rubbed in a paste of oil, lemon juice, parsley, salt, pepper and cayenne. While those were baking in foil packets, I made “quinoa risotto” which is nowhere near as good as real risotto but what can you do?

The recipe I looked at is vegan but that didn’t last long. We sautéed two large shallots in 2 TBS oil, 2 TBS butter. Then added about 12 ounces of sliced mushrooms, half shiitake and half cremini. Added a half cup of white wine and about another cup of minced parsley. Added 1.5 cups quinoa and 1.5 cups chicken broth. Covered, reduced heat and let simmer for 25 minutes. Skipped the spinach because we were having kale. I tasted and was like, “what the hell? This needs salt.” I guess it depends on what kind of broth you use. Ours was free range hippy style so, more salt. Add grated parmesan and this vegan nightmare is complete.

Eric was in charge of the crispy spicy kale. It involves siracha chili sauce and is like potato chips without the coronary. I can’t link now (no longer true!), so Google it, make it, but cut the salt in half unless you enjoy that tortured slug on the sidewalk sensation.

Now we are watching Deadwood and thinking about how awesome John Hawkes is. Of the Winters Bone cast, I’d rather Jennifer Lawrence win an Oscar than him, but between this, that, and You, Me, and Everyone We Know, there’s a lot to like.

After this we’re going to watch the Oscar nominated animated shorts. I hate all awards shows, except the Oscars! So I try to see as many of the movies as I can. Sunday night I’m going over to a friends house for 12 hours or so of cheap champagne and yelling at the television and we’ll blog at least the first twenty minutes till we spill queso all over the laptop.

I wish I had a picture of tonight’s dinner but I’ll have to leave you something random from my phone. Good night!

UPDATE: I had some leftover sugar cookie dough and powdered sugar so I made a quarter batch and froze the rest. I made a very thin glaze of powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, red food dye # poison, and sprinkled on some red sugar, because it’s always valentines day around here. Thank to Eric for hand modeling.

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