Sunday breakfast


One of our Sunday rituals is watching Meet The Press etc but yelling at the TV requires a lot of energy, therefore a big breakfast is in order. This inevitably involves a trip to the store but I also like to try to use up whatever produce is in the fridge… today that was mushrooms and parsley and shallots. I ended up with too much filling, so I used half for the omelet, and the other half as a kind of base to salute some spinach, which got cooked in a large skillet alongside the sausage. One less pan to wash!

I start the potatoes in the oven and then give them a quick fry at the end. This frees me up to concentrate on the omelet etc. So when the omelet is done, I slide it onto the big skillet with the spinach and sausage and turn the heat down very low, just to keep it all warm. Then the potatoes come out of the oven and go straight into the omelet pan, which just got wiped clean and lightly oiled. Yes I am lazy! But we don’t have a dishwasher so I am forced to such extremes. Hygiene takes a back seat to efficiency every time in my kitchen, unless company is coming, in which case I try to adhere to standards above the level of cavewoman. Otherwise, it’s open season for floor food.

For example, the other day I wanted to roll out cookie dough in front of the tv to watch the Oscar animated shorts. I put a smooth cutting board on the floor and just rolled them out right there, occasionally putting the rolling pin on the floor next to me… the floor that is consistently covered with cat hair, and all the filth that both we and the cats drag all over the house. When I thought of litter clinging to the rolling pin, I almost barfed, so I stopped thinking about it and from then on put the pin on the coffee table. We ate the cookies and nobody died, but still.

So on that appetizing note, that’s what’s for breakfast here. Now Eric is off on some manventure and I’ve got to wash down this “lumberjack special” with some Lifetime movies. Following that, critiquing spray tans for 8 hours with Mary Adams and Alfonso. A perfect day.

UPDATE: I thought I posted this from my phone, but didn’t. Replace “Lifetime movies” with the drunk psychic dinner party episode of RHOBH and everything else remains accurate.

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