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cheery blossoms

These are from yesterday. Tonight I am packing for South Carolina! If I find spring I will put it in my pocket and bring it back home. Advertisements

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rooms to go for $500 or less: a craigslist living room

Craigslist is a treasure trove of cheap furniture for the recently displaced. As a mental exercise, I’m putting together this living room for a (imaginary) 30 year old woman who finally moved out a group house but needs to “make it … Continue reading

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tacos + chris brown

Yet another little trick I learned from the Test Kitchen: frying soft tortillas in some vegetable oil prior to serving takes taco night to another level. Also, using the Test Kitchen recipe for seasoning ground beef saves over 50% of the sodium … Continue reading

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warm gougeres at Poste

Gougeres is just a fancy way of saying cheese puff but everything sounds better in French, for example “casse toi” and “nique ta mere.”*  We wolfed down 7 of them with a beer (his) and glass of wine (hers) before … Continue reading

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borrowing privileges

I have borrowing privileges from the Library of Congress, and was so excited to see the first book I requested from them in my inbox this morning. The book is Four Complete Novels by Jame M. Cain, nothing to be … Continue reading

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I LOVE RITE AID, plus new sunglasses

CVS is fine for what it is, but they’ve really amped up the blandness factor… chalk it up to my rich as s*** neighborhood, but when Instyle replaces Us Weekly at the checkout counter, I tend to lose interest in what’s going … Continue reading

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reflecting on 2011 through time sheets, early spring menu, & college towns

Today’s been a bit of a drag. We are in recess, so it’s important to find ways to keep busy or you’ll go into a coma. Due to Eric’s medical melodrama, I had some timesheet issues dating back from a month … Continue reading

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