borrowing privileges

I have borrowing privileges from the Library of Congress, and was so excited to see the first book I requested from them in my inbox this morning. The book is Four Complete Novels by Jame M. Cain, nothing to be proud of necessarily, but I am less ashamed of my reading material than usual. The four novels include:

If you are guessing that this is related to the upcoming HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, well you are guessing right. When I first heard it was being redone I was mildly interested, but when I learned Todd Haynes was directing, I was over the moon. I hope it’s as interesting as the other movies he’s done. From what I’ve read so far, his miniseries is more faithful to the book than the 1945 version with Joan Crawford, which completely avoids the economic impact of the Depression on Mildred’s life. Haynes’ comments about the novel have convinced me to read it in advance, and bonus, I’ve got three others when I’m finished.

Meanwhile, tonight I’m dragging Eric by his breeches, cravat and ruffled Fabio shirt to see Jane Eyre, though I’m taking him out for a drink/snack before hand to make the medicine go down. Recently I explained to him in mind numbing detail why Jane Eyre is so important to the universe, when in fact, she’s mostly just important to me. But, I can’t help it, she’s just so tightly wound and endures so much crazy that when she finally loses her s*** IT IS AWESOME.

I hope he likes it, or doesn’t hate it too much. What if I hate it? For example, we watched part of The Last Station last night and it didn’t go well… I just couldn’t take Helen Mirren crawling around on the floor sobbing all the time.  I can do that myself, thank you. We switched over to The Score and watched 1.5 hours just for the last 20 minutes where Edward Norton is wearing an O’s hat the whole time. Why do I find that so thrilling? I’m a cheap date that way.

But, I love Jane Eyre and the weather has been dreary enough that I feel like I’m flinging myself across a windswept heath every morning on the way to work anway. I like Mia Wasikowska and think she will make a good Jane, which is much more important to me than whether or not Gwyneth Paltrow made a good Sylvia Plath. I’m not so into Sylvia so, Gwyneth can stomp all over her grave for all I care. But if they had cast Kate Beckinsale or some such as Jane I would have rented a yacht, sailed to England and slapped someone. 

Other movies I really want to see soon are Win Win, My Perestroika, and I Travel Because I Have To, I Come Back Because I Love You. Sometimes I think I watch too many films but my feeling is, I only have this one life, and this one life would make one pretty boring movie. I’ll never be a Brazilian geologist or a child growing up behind the Iron Curtain or a high school wrestling coach so movies are my escape pod.

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