warm gougeres at Poste


Gougeres is just a fancy way of saying cheese puff but everything sounds better in French, for example “casse toi” and “nique ta mere.”*  We wolfed down 7 of them with a beer (his) and glass of wine (hers) before Jane Eyre (B+) and Eric’s verdict was “awesome, but not enough cheese.” I started looking around the internet for recipes, and found the version I’m planning to make next Christmas. Only 271 days to go! [update: they only turned out okay. French people are pastry dough magicians]

Poste is a good place for us to go when we don’t feel like running into anyone we know. Not only was there no one there we knew, there weren’t many people there whose language we spoke. I mean, sure we all went to college, and have jobs, and pants on, but that’s about where the similarities end. There was at least one blind date, probably two (spoiler alert: GUESS WHAT! They both went to college) and another woman was regaling her bored friends with her various problems, which included navigating a new relationship while still sharing a home with her ex husband. Her ability to simultaneously brag about the wealth she accumulated with her ex (“I mean, at least it’s two stories so we’re not ON TOP of each other all the time”) while having moved onto new love before officially separating was kind of mesmerizing. Anyway, the ladies were all riveted and sympathetic to her woes. Not! You just want to pass her a cocktail napkin that says “psst. ask your friends about their lives.” Some people just don’t want my help though.

But to be fair, all the people on blind dates were attractive which never hurts, the food was good, the $5 happy hour punch was tasty, and the bartender was extremely nice that our gougeres took oh 15 minutes to come out instead of 5. I don’t know why he was worried, we sure weren’t. Anway, Poste is airy and has a lot of natural light if you get there early, which I like despite the fact that I look 87 years old in it. So, on the balance I can put up with a self absorbed divorcee… who went to college.  And was BLONDE, because you know, that matters alot. You would think so, by the way she constantly showcased it over her shoulder.

And by the way, if you think I’m just bitter because I’m not fake blonde enough right now, you would be right. I owe both Uncle Sam and Uncle O’Malley some $$$ for 2010, which is preventing me from getting the root touch up I so sorely need. Appearances must be preserved, sure, but some people think that federal employees have a particular obligation to pay taxes early and often (or at least on time) and I guess they have a point. So, if you are disgusted by the louche lifestyle of the government worker, please feast your eyes on this 2 inch stripe running down my part and know that some of us try to do the right thing.

*don’t look those words up if you are of minor age or of decent moral character! Though I do not know why anyone fitting that profile would be reading this…

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3 Responses to warm gougeres at Poste

  1. Sarah Birk says:

    Hey! Im the girl who was getting all the crap on MUA!

    I clicked on your blog today and..POW! You live in my city! I love poste, I live like two blocks away from it. What a coincidence!

    • crazyness! hope you like DC all right (I’m assuming you are new to town? you are too hot to be from here.)

      Poste was fun- a little off our beaten path (we live in the U Street area) but a change is good. We’re normally so grungy.

      I see from your blog that you might occasionally do sales- I will be on the lookout for more.

      • Sarah Birk says:

        hahah yes I am a new comer to DC! And I lurrvee it! I am from VA Beach, and it is the most loathingest place on earth, so DC is paradise 🙂

        yeah, I don’t hit up Poste too much, i’m not a big French-ish food fan. I love all the great greek places in DC though, im always taking recs if you have any, my fave so far is agora on 17th

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