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plastic surgery!

Actual letter to parents & sister, only partially redacted. Any recs for plastic surgeons in the DC area are welcome. Any recs for procedures I should go ahead and get are NOT. I already hate my pores, nose, crow’s feet, and muffin top … Continue reading

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MS ride

Good morning. I hope you have all enjoyed my brief break from blogging. You might not realize but I am deep within that critical “hype building” phase… minimizing supply and theoretically creating demand before skyrocketing to fame and glory through blogging: “how can we miss you if … Continue reading

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the quality of PF Changs in the privacy of your own home

Have you ever longed for the cheesy appetizers of your favorite chain restaurants but are too lazy to figure out wtf is up with suburbs? I hear you loud and clear. The good thing about trying to duplicate them in your … Continue reading

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uh oh furlough, or alternately, “getting the band back together!!!”

I just paid my bills for the upcoming month so I wouldn’t be tempted to shop with money I shouldn’t spend during any upcoming furlough, and, well, there might be a lot of PB&Js in the future. WTF? I forgot … Continue reading

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