uh oh furlough, or alternately, “getting the band back together!!!”

I just paid my bills for the upcoming month so I wouldn’t be tempted to shop with money I shouldn’t spend during any upcoming furlough, and, well, there might be a lot of PB&Js in the future. WTF? I forgot about Uncle Sammy. Under the circumstances that was a tough check to write. But, I am what I am and I owe what I owe so I’m doing my part for the US of A. My question is “if a check falls on the floor of the IRS because there’s no one there to cash it, does it still bounce?” We’ll find out.

Meanwhile, I never thought I’d go back to street tricking again but now I can understand why it’s so hard for hookers to leave “the life.” I just got in touch with my former bandmate, one of the greatest fiddlers in NWDC history, and certainly my favorite. I am honestly trying to wrangle him into a busking session here or there, though it’s hard to imagine how we’re going to get it done without a guitar player to anchor our flights of melodic fantasy. Ok, I can only play rhythm mandolin anyway, it’s not like there will be any wild solo-ing on my part but yes, we could use a little help. Which brings us to this:


If you or anyone you know is similarly underemployed, and knows a thing or two about the meaning of “three chords and the truth,” please get in touch!

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