MS ride

Good morning. I hope you have all enjoyed my brief break from blogging. You might not realize but I am deep within that critical “hype building” phase… minimizing supply and theoretically creating demand before skyrocketing to fame and glory through blogging: “how can we miss you if you never go away,” etc. I’m happy to say we have been busy.

In the past couple weeks, I have:

gone to a Nats game

eaten some damn fine fish and chips

checked out a “gourmet” empanada shop

listened to some amazing jazz piano at the Kennedy Center

tried making my own yeast dinner rolls for the first time

given a tour of the Capitol to a very cool baby (and his mom)

glommed onto some friends’ summer beach house plans, thank you friends!

gotten a very reasonable mani/pedi in Dupont Circle

bought some yams and Brussel sprouts at the Dupont farmer’s market, first time to the market in 2011!

went on a 20 mile bike ride two twenty miles bike rides

attended not one but two Civil War related book talks

made miso soup with sweet potato dumplings, mashed sweet potatoes with rosemary, and sweet potato scallion pancakes. Can you tell I’m a little obsessed?

gotten great news: one of my best & oldest friends is moving to town!

been gifted a dining room table and a car, without going on The Price is Right

So, I’m a pretty lucky person overall. One day when I strike gold with this blog, I hope to translate all this good fortune into $$$ for the many organizations I feebly “support” now- basically voting and slipping some folks the occasional $25 or $50.

I might not be good at making money, but I AM very good at riding a bike and living in tents, and finally there’s a way for me to exploit these talents for the greater good. I signed up on Monday to do the 150 mile “Beyond the Beltway MS Ride with Eric on the weekend of my 34th birthday. My life is not always what I want it to be- which is basically planning a wedding while pregnant and rolling around in piles of gold- but life with MS presents an added level of difficulty that is difficult for most people, including me, to comprehend. I am trying to raise $500 or more but will take whatever I can get to help people with MS get the care and support they need. Find out more (or donate!) here.


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