I have exactly seven more like twenty minutes to write before dragging myself out of this bed and heading to work, and my hair is neither dry, nor brushed, so this is going to have to be a quick one. After a lot of semi-public threats, Eric and I got properly engaged last night, meaning that he got down one knee in front of the manhole that exploded on our first date and asked me to be his mountain woman. Note to Dad- you owe Eric 10 sheeps, 50 chickens and a flat screen tv.

I have to say it’s nice to be proposed to, and told how great you are at everything for five minutes. It doesn’t happen nearly enough in life. My self esteem is not terrible, but when you hit yourself in the face with a 5 pound handweight while lip synching to a Taylor Swift song in the middle of a chest fly, sometimes you think “I’m kind of a f*** up.” And also “do I need to go to the hospital?” Let’s just say there’s a reason why she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers.

Anyway, we are working on our self-evaluations at work and after last night’s praise fest I have a feeling I’m going to be exceeding expectations in all categories, except maybe punctuality if I don’t haul ass starting in a few minutes. NO PRESSURE.

I don’t expect that life will become all about wedding planning but to some extent I will be writing about that, and I apologize in advance. Nothing could be more boring. But, I will try to spice it up with my signature zip and zeal.

First order of business: was there a ring? Why yes and I’m glad you asked, because it’s pictured below “in situ” on the bedside table in a fancy box, right next to its friend Martha Stewart Weddings and one of the worst books ever, Catherine Hart’s Dazzled: the largely unreadable yet strangely compelling tale of a beautiful woman forced into jewel thievery in late 19th century Washington DC. The unconvincingly named “Andrea” (pretty common in 1870 right?) gets into all kinds of stupid trouble but eventually gets her man, which is why I thought Dazzled would be right at home in this idiotic vignette!

(CONFESSION: Actually I didn’t think the idiotic vignette through at all. Both the romance novel and wedding mag were already there. To be fair to myself, on my kindle I am reading about the Comanche wars, so I don’t completely suck.)

It is rose gold (PINK!) and a gray rose cut diamond, sparkly with many deeply ingrained flaws, which is why I find it relatable. The lady who made it, Katrina Lapenne, did a fantastic job and I cannot recommend her enough if you are in the market. I was like “hmm I don’t have nice things, will I break it on my bike?” and she was like “here’s a periodic chart, allow me to explain to you all about how metals work.”  As a result, we felt really confident about our purchase. We are not big spenders, so while the amount we spent is modest compared to THE TACORI COUPLE I read about in some bullshit spam I got recently, it’s a lot to us and we like for our money to go to small businesses, & our tax dollars to gay friendly locales where possible. Independent business lady? Check. NYC? Check? Hand holding every step of the way as we placed our order? Check. World, take note: this woman is getting it DONE.

Speaking of which, it’s 9:13 and I have to get out the door, but I’ll add links etc later.


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