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Happy 2012! I haven’t written a blog entry in about 700 years because I was too busy planning and executing the wedding of a lifetime.

1 wedding 13

[I just had a vision. “Wedding of a Lifetime… Movie.” SPOILER: it won’t end well, unless you like getting poisoned by Dean Cain.]

So it wasn’t the wedding of everyone’s lifetime, for example there was no ice swan, nor did I allow anyone to rip off any of my underwear and fling it into a crowd of male relatives. But, it was the wedding of our lifetime. It’s hard not to have weird buyer’s remorse afterwards. “Should there have been a balloon arch?” “Why didn’t I wear something sluttier?” But as my lady friends pointed out last night, you just need to make your peace with it and move on.

Let’s talk about the highlights: the ceremony, our first dance, getting serenaded by my dad, and toasted by my sister. Those were my favorite parts! Oh yeah, and eating cake my sister made. Plus, flirting with the bartenders while doing a quick pre-wedding shot of Jamesons. NOT MARRIED YET, Y’ALL!

I don’t have many pictures to bore you with yet, so I’ll bore you with our playlists instead. As you might expect from me, there was a lot of country and rock and roll and not a lot of popular dance music till the very end. I’m kind of sorry that there was any at all! You know how I roll.

Thanks to Phil Stevenson of Night World Records for sending me some songs including a well-timed clip of the intro to Etta James’ “Stop the Wedding.”



I do love that song though.

Also I guess I should say something about the heavy rotation of Jon Rauhouse, also known as “Mr. Orchid Fingers” and “the nicest man in show business.” I can certainly attest to the latter.  You might not have heard of him but he’s amazing, as is everyone who plays and performs with him. Consummate professionals, every last one.

Anyway, if you are providing music for your own wedding, or you just feel like living a full and happy life, consider investing in some of his albums. He has a way of classing up a joint, not to mention that fox Rachel Flotard. “Harbour Lights.” Buy it. Also anything by her rock band Visqueen, especially “So Long,” if you like tearing your eyes out crying. “Centerfield,” if you like girls singing songs about baseball.

Oh, one other person I should mention specifically because he’s local, Benjy Ferree. I love his song “Fear” so much. Everybody download it! Very talented person with a lot to offer the world, not sure if the world is buying it but the world is stupid. Oh, and if I’d had my wits about me, I would have included “Surrounded By Flowers” by Brandon Butler on the early playlist too. My bad.

Hmmm. Can you tell I’m KIND OF IN LOVE WITH MUSIC? Eric seemed bummed that there wasn’t going to be more Black Eyed Peas, but I said “brother, please. I don’t give a s*** about tablecloths, flowers, or bridesmaid dresses but you have got to know I’m going to have some opinions about music. You want something else? Marry a different woman.”

The new FLOB (First Lady of Bicycling) is a harsh mistress. Without further bulls***, here are the playlists!

Ceremony, all five minutes of it:

“Margaret’s Waltz” performed so sweetly by my old bandmates. This was our processional! My old band played it at a million weddings for a million brides, it was nice to have my own god damn moment in the sun.

“Handle Me with Care” Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins (recessional)

Cocktail Hour:

“She Belongs To Me” Bob Dylan

“The Greatest” Cat Power

“You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

“Wrecking Ball” Gillian Welch

“Fear” Benjy Ferree

“Our Day Will Come” Amy Winehouse

“California Stars” Wilco

“Hero/Heroine” Freakwater (this was a dark horse candidate for recessional or first dance)

“Wayside” Gillian Welch

“Hold On, Hold On” Neko Case*

“Country Honk” Rolling Stones

“History of Lovers” Calexico w/ Iron & Wine

“So Sleepy” Punch Brothers w/ Fiona Apple

“Winding Wheel” Ryan Adams

“I Hear Them All” Old Crow Medicine Show

“1979” Lucero

Early Dancing (mostly old fashioned slow stuff):

“I’ve Loved You All Over the World” Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris (this was our first dance! buy it! buy it now! It’s on Teatro.)

“Begin the Beguine” Jon Rauhouse

“La Vie en Rose” Edith Piaf

“Something Stupid” Secret Sisters

“Harbour Lights” Jon Rauhouse with Rachel Flotard

“Loretta” Lyle Lovett (also a hot contender for first dance)

“East of the Sun” Jon Rauhouse

“You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” Beth Rowley

“10,000 Words” Avett Brothers

“Amen” Jolie Holland

“Paper Wings” Gillian Welch

“Idaho” Jon Rauhouse

Then we did something… cut the cake? Had a toast? Can’t remember. More dancing. We kicked it off with some John Denver due to my love of the Orioles. This is the song they play in the 7th inning stretch:

“Thank God I’m a Country Boy” RIP JD!

Moving on:

“Tell It To Me” Old Crow Medicine Show

“Galway Girl” Steve Earle

“Shakedown on 9th Street” Ryan Adams

“3 Dimes Down” Drive By Truckers

“The Girl Can’t Help It” Little Richard. This is what we’re dancing to below if I recall correctly. This song once made me pull a u-turn in the middle of Constitution Avenue. Little Richard is my soul mate.

girl can't help it

“Rave On” Buddy Holly

“Let it Bleed” Rolling Stones

“Dream Baby” Roy Orbison

“Valerie” Amy Winehouse

“Good Guys Don’t Wear White” The Standells

“Long As I Can See the Light” Creedence Clearwater Revival

“Hollywood Sign” Benjy Ferree

“To Be Young” Ryan Adams

“Christine’s Tune” Flying Burrito Brothers

“Our Generation” John Legend and the Roots

“Deeper Shade of Soul” Urban Dance Squad

“Take Care” Rihanna featuring Drake

“Make Me Better” Fabolous featuring Ne-Yo

“Hard Times” John Legend and the Roots

“The Way I Are” Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson

“We Found Love” Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris

“Saturday” De La Soul

“Boom Boom Pow” Black Eyed Peas

“Cold Blooded” Rick James

“Rock Your Body” Justin Timberlake

“Countdown” Beyonce

“Whatever You Like” T.I. (I shocked my cousins by lip synching this one straight from the heart)

“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” Michael Jackson

“Barry Horowitz” Action Bronson

Fun Fact 1: “Barry Horowitz” has my # 1 hip hop lyric of all time, “King Kong ain’t got s*** on us, I’m out here getting it for real while you mother f***ers filibust.”

Fun fact 2: the spell check on this thing doesn’t know Neko, Winehouse, bandmate, sluttier, or my last name. Get out more, WordPress! My next post might be about cruising Craiglist for love a new kitchen hutch, rug, floor lamp and coffee table. If I could have registered at Salvation Army, you know I would have. In the meantime hope you enjoyed the playlists and perhaps one day I will put it all on Spotify, but probably not.

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