marriage is awesome, also food

Eric and I recently celebrated four years together. Sounds like a long time but we’ve only been married for about four minutes. How is it different from dating/living together? We’re now wasting  diligently saving “OUR” money as opposed to “MY” money. It’s kind of the same since we still don’t have much of either. We watch a lot of Friday Night Lights, and instead of emulating Tim Riggins and/or Rally Girls, we try to be more like Tami and Coach Taylor. Sadly, we both think we’re Coach.  And instead of a lot of chatty conversation throughout the day we might send one email per day in a “business friendly” tone, like this one regarding party preparations.

To: Eric

From: Sarah

Subject: Items For Your Consideration

1)      There is a dead something or other on the front porch…  as per usual, I didn’t touch it!

2)      In a manic episode, I did all the floors last night except for the bathroom, dusted off the tv area and the dining room table, and also the wooden table in the kitchen, and tidied the cat area.

3)      The cornbread is by the toaster oven. The coleslaw is in the fridge and dressed, except that it could use a little plain vegetable oil. Maybe stir in 1/3 cup.

4)      I think the house looks really nice! Except for the dead thing!

5)      Chili should be ready for pickup at 7. Ben’s will include spoons, bowls, and napkins.

6)      We could use ice, beer, maybe some liquor and mixers? [And, I just realized: cups] Gin/tonic/limes are popular. For snacks, I’d stick to dips, chips, and maybe some nuts. Cheese and crackers is $$$ for a drunken crowd, require prep, and can be annoying to replenish.

7)      I have high hopes that I will be out of here at a reasonable hour for once.  I hope you aren’t too tired and are looking forward to tonight.

No fuss, no muss. Where’s the romance you might ask? Well, that’s in the way we trade off who has to clobber the bugs in the bathroom at night. Oh my god. There has been so much brutality this week. Anyone who says global warming isn’t real didn’t see the two “palmetto bugs” crawling up our shower curtain. Get thee back to South Carolina, scarabs! I thought the most horrible item in our bathroom was a very moldy loofah, until I used it to crush the entrails out of an insect the size of my fist. We do not get them around our house too much so this was a surprise, and hopefully an anamoly.

Other team projects: We redid some chairs. I had before/during/after pictures, but my phone died so now I only have the after photos. It wasn’t an upholstery job- part of the reason why I got the chairs from Craigslist was that I liked the existing fabric. But, the arms and legs were shiny red laquer and that was not looking so hot with our fuschia rug. So we sanded and repainted and now they look excellent.

living room chairs

this is where we discuss Remembrance of Things Past, obviously



stand back and let the professionals handle this

Solo projects: I also made my own nutella last night. It’s pretty good, but chunkier than commercial as I tried not to add too much oil and didn’t bother straining it as some recipes call for. The ultimate purpose for making this was the third food item I worked on last night: banana/nutella fudgsicles! I didn’t have enough popsicle molds to make enough for a crowd- just did a few test ones- but I will try to find some on the way home. I believe Home Rule sells them.

What else has been cooking? Raw kale, like a 1/2 bunch a day. I bought some from the Whole Foods salad bar line to serve as kind of a base for a quinoa, vegetable and shrimp salad and became instantly obsessed. It’s so good! I’m never cooking kale again, well not till baseball season is over and/or the weather gets cool. We love kale but it can get a little expensive to eat, since it cooks down so much and our neighborhood grocery stores have millionaire prices. Anyway the recipe linked above is a pretty spot on dupe for the Whole Foods version.

Notes: I left out the “nutritional yeast flakes” because, well, duh. It’s great without that fish food. I also cut the dressing in half for one batch, thinking to cut down on the calories from the tahini/oil but you know what? YOU’RE EATING RAW KALE. Live a little and do the whole recipe, it’s awesomer that way. I did cut back on the oil a tiny bit. Anyway, the dressing comes together super fast, would make a great vegetable dip, and it’s nice to have a vegetable side that doesn’t require cooking but feels “beyond salad” if that makes sense. The trick is to really massage it as she says. Do not get lazy people! Massage it like it’s Kerri Strugg’s ankle and she’s got to try to win it all for America.


Anyway, a great thing to try this summer when the kitchen is hot.

And speaking of seasonal foods, I made my first batch of lemonade of the summer this weekend, that was a nice treat too. This is the same proportion I use, but I dissolve the sugar in 1 cup of hot water first, then add 5 cups cold water and refrigerate. Serve over ice if you can’t wait, obviously. Eric got me this little tool that looks like it would serve some evil purpose on Game of Thrones but in our household, it just juices lemons, and helps release aggression. For a crowd though, I recommend juicing a few lemons and subbing out the rest of the cup with prepared juice from the store. WHATEVER. We are only human.


Thanks for reading this extremely boring post! I know it’s no beer/fight club laugh fest but I’m just building up anticipation for a super dull fascinating expose of bike tour preparation, or maybe a “Best of DC Public Pools” post.

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3 Responses to marriage is awesome, also food

  1. Eric says:

    My vote for best chain restaurant with a salad bar where you can also sub out chicken fingers for extra cheese sticks in the Four Way Appetizer Sampler: Ruby Tuesdays.

    Best pool with overweight lifeguards attempting the “Triple Lindy” a la Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School: Bannaeker Rec Center.

    Best place to dispose of dead things you find on your porch: your neighbor’s trash can. 😉

    • Ugh, TROLLS. Just kidding. I didn’t know you could make substitutions on the “four way”- I’d throw those black bean taquitos to the pigeons and double up on the cheese sticks.

      The last time I was at Banneker, the lifeguards were building a lot of hype around “the butt dive” (their words, not mine). They would get up on the board, announce that “the butt dive” might be in the future if we all say “heeeeeeey.” Then they’d proceed to talk it up a lot, talk s*** to each other, back off, then by the time it finally happened, well, the actual execution was a bit lacking to be honest. It’s like they’ve gotten jaded, lost touch with their fans etc. Let’s hope they can reconnect with their roots a little bit. IT USED TO BE ABOUT THE BUTT DIVES, MAN.

      Also, there was also a DJ! Like a real live one, not just the jam box. He was like “now I wanna hear from everybody in DA DEEP END, lemme hear ya say heeeey!” I can’t believe I forgot to tell you all this! So glad we’re reconnecting via blog!

  2. You are so cute and responsible with your emails to Eric! I mostly just send the husband cat videos. This morning he got a great video on Sugar Gliders. Sadly he has not yet responded. Perhaps if I suggested dinner menus I’d get a response. Also those palmetto bugs sound terrifying. I think you are incredibly brave for handling it on your own instead of putting the cats in the bathroom with the bugs, closing the door and letting them all fight it out.

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