all the single ladies- some advice

If you start dating someone new, do not tell them all the secrets of your past. You will never be able to believe your own bull s*** again. Case in point, last night we went to a Nats game where a newish policy is in place.  It didn’t go over well, see my responses to a user survey here:

During player at bats, fans are not permitted to proceed down aisles from any concourse; aisles are kept clear until an at bat has been completed.  Did you notice this policy at the game you attended?

( x) Yes
( ) No
( ) Not Sure

Would you like to see this policy continued?

( ) Yes
( ) No
(x ) Not Sure


The woman who was in charge in our section was EXTREMELY unpleasant and enforced this rule selectively. I believe she even used her “stop sign” to hit my friend on the arm. Who does that? We went out of our way to avoid her for the rest of the game.

I worked at Fenway right out of college, and never would have behaved that way towards a guest in the park. Furthermore, my family has split season tickets at Camden Yards since the inaugural season and have never been treated with the disrespect we got from this employee. She glared at us the whole game!

As far as the policy itself goes, I guess it’s “ok” (but not great), and if people like it, feel free to continue but please give your employees mental health screenings prior to deputizing them with those stop signs!

Eric’s response to me:

“Didn’t you put a Chewbacca action figure in someone’s hotdog bun while you were serving Fenway Franks?”

Well played Gilliland, well played.

related: if you were served one of these in a hot dog bun at Fenway Park in 1998, you can probably join some sort of class action suit against me.


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