Happy Mother’s Day

marynapping like a boss


If our baby was subject to employee evaluations she would receive “EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS” in all categories ranging from head circumference to nap positions to knowledge of 90s catchphrases. Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart indeed. Not much to say about motherhood other than that is lovely and amazing and sometimes very tough.

me and mary

Going back to work has been okay. Day care is okay. Pumping is okay. None of it is really great but it’s manageable. What is NOT manageable is when someone locks his bike to yours so you can’t ride home and instead have to run and catch a cab in rush hour traffic and barely make it to day care before closing, twenty dollars poorer. And yes I left a note on this nerd’s bike explaining his faux pas and my day care/cab drama, and was hoping beyond hope that there would be a nice note when I got here this morning, possibly even with reimbursement for cab fare.


I’m telling you, Congressional commitment to moms starts and ends in floor speeches. NO RESPECT! Judging by the condition of the bike I imagine it’s some clueless intern, so I’m okay about the money. He probably doesn’t have much. But I DO hope he at least remembers to honor his own mama on Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day everybody.

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