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Happy Mother’s Day

If our baby was subject to employee evaluations she would receive “EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS” in all categories ranging from head circumference to nap positions to knowledge of 90s catchphrases. Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart indeed. Not much to say about motherhood other than … Continue reading

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Three things: I am pregnant, I am not writing a mom blog, I am still riding a bike.

Some people have asked me “are you going to blog about pregnancy?” The answer to that is clearly “not very much.” First of all, there’s the very real STFU parents factor to consider. Second of all, there’s nothing I can say, do, or wear … Continue reading

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all the single ladies- some advice

If you start dating someone new, do not tell them all the secrets of your past. You will never be able to believe your own bull s*** again. Case in point, last night we went to a Nats game where a newish policy is … Continue reading

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marriage is awesome, also food

Eric and I recently celebrated four years together. Sounds like a long time but we’ve only been married for about four minutes. How is it different from dating/living together? We’re now wasting  diligently saving “OUR” money as opposed to “MY” money. It’s … Continue reading

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will drink beer for fight club

Let me preface all of this with “I bought a bikini.” Why? Because I hate my friends, I guess. We’re going on a little trip which is coincidentally the weekend of my 35th birthday. The departure from the coveted “28-34 … Continue reading

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amazing discoveries: goth baby names,Taratibu Youth Association, Pearl Dive

There are far more websites for goth baby names than you might expect considering that many goths seem to consider themselves asexual, or are just too despondent to get it on consistently. But it actually makes a lot of sense. Babies are … Continue reading

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that’s mrs g to you: the soundtrack

Happy 2012! I haven’t written a blog entry in about 700 years because I was too busy planning and executing the wedding of a lifetime. [I just had a vision. “Wedding of a Lifetime… Movie.” SPOILER: it won’t end well, … Continue reading

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