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Happy Mother’s Day

If our baby was subject to employee evaluations she would receive “EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS” in all categories ranging from head circumference to nap positions to knowledge of 90s catchphrases. Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart indeed. Not much to say about motherhood other than … Continue reading

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Three things: I am pregnant, I am not writing a mom blog, I am still riding a bike.

Some people have asked me “are you going to blog about pregnancy?” The answer to that is clearly “not very much.” First of all, there’s the very real STFU parents factor to consider. Second of all, there’s nothing I can say, do, or wear … Continue reading

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MS RIDE, plus, bless me father for I have sinned, it’s been a month since my last blog entry

Been very busy here. In the past few weeks I decided to become a triathlete, get plastic surgery, take ballet lessons and plant some rose bushes. In sad news, my grandmother (mother’s mother) died and so I’ve been back and … Continue reading

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MS ride

Good morning. I hope you have all enjoyed my brief break from blogging. You might not realize but I am deep within that critical “hype building” phase… minimizing supply and theoretically creating demand before skyrocketing to fame and glory through blogging: “how can we miss you if … Continue reading

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cheery blossoms

These are from yesterday. Tonight I am packing for South Carolina! If I find spring I will put it in my pocket and bring it back home.

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warm gougeres at Poste

Gougeres is just a fancy way of saying cheese puff but everything sounds better in French, for example “casse toi” and “nique ta mere.”*  We wolfed down 7 of them with a beer (his) and glass of wine (hers) before … Continue reading

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reflecting on 2011 through time sheets, early spring menu, & college towns

Today’s been a bit of a drag. We are in recess, so it’s important to find ways to keep busy or you’ll go into a coma. Due to Eric’s medical melodrama, I had some timesheet issues dating back from a month … Continue reading

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