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amazing discoveries: goth baby names,Taratibu Youth Association, Pearl Dive

There are far more websites for goth baby names than you might expect considering that many goths seem to consider themselves asexual, or are just too despondent to get it on consistently. But it actually makes a lot of sense. Babies are … Continue reading

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that’s mrs g to you: the soundtrack

Happy 2012! I haven’t written a blog entry in about 700 years because I was too busy planning and executing the wedding of a lifetime. [I just had a vision. “Wedding of a Lifetime… Movie.” SPOILER: it won’t end well, … Continue reading

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uh oh furlough, or alternately, “getting the band back together!!!”

I just paid my bills for the upcoming month so I wouldn’t be tempted to shop with money I shouldn’t spend during any upcoming furlough, and, well, there might be a lot of PB&Js in the future. WTF? I forgot … Continue reading

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tacos + chris brown

Yet another little trick I learned from the Test Kitchen: frying soft tortillas in some vegetable oil prior to serving takes taco night to another level. Also, using the Test Kitchen recipe for seasoning ground beef saves over 50% of the sodium … Continue reading

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the world needed a hero

This little lady reminds me of a tiny person I know and love, only she prefers covering Journey.  PS here’s the original version.

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loretta lynn

It’s been years since I’ve had any desire to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so when I got an email announcing Loretta Lynn with the Secret Sisters on March 17, it seemed like a good way to get out of the … Continue reading

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