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marriage is awesome, also food

Eric and I recently celebrated four years together. Sounds like a long time but we’ve only been married for about four minutes. How is it different from dating/living together? We’re now wasting  diligently saving “OUR” money as opposed to “MY” money. It’s … Continue reading

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amazing discoveries: goth baby names,Taratibu Youth Association, Pearl Dive

There are far more websites for goth baby names than you might expect considering that many goths seem to consider themselves asexual, or are just too despondent to get it on consistently. But it actually makes a lot of sense. Babies are … Continue reading

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Breakfast Empanadas and Getting Married

Not the most appealing photo I know, but I have 10 minutes until I have to leave for work, so you will look at this breakfast empanada picture AND YOU WILL LIKE IT. My friend mrs. super-awesome likes telling stories on … Continue reading

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the quality of PF Changs in the privacy of your own home

Have you ever longed for the cheesy appetizers of your favorite chain restaurants but are too lazy to figure out wtf is up with suburbs? I hear you loud and clear. The good thing about trying to duplicate them in your … Continue reading

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tacos + chris brown

Yet another little trick I learned from the Test Kitchen: frying soft tortillas in some vegetable oil prior to serving takes taco night to another level. Also, using the Test Kitchen recipe for seasoning ground beef saves over 50% of the sodium … Continue reading

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warm gougeres at Poste

Gougeres is just a fancy way of saying cheese puff but everything sounds better in French, for example “casse toi” and “nique ta mere.”*  We wolfed down 7 of them with a beer (his) and glass of wine (hers) before … Continue reading

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reflecting on 2011 through time sheets, early spring menu, & college towns

Today’s been a bit of a drag. We are in recess, so it’s important to find ways to keep busy or you’ll go into a coma. Due to Eric’s medical melodrama, I had some timesheet issues dating back from a month … Continue reading

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